Dijamant Poslasticar

Digital video and photo campaign

Full creative service for Žiška digital agency.

Screenwriting and production of 22 videos in 4 days with .

Agency: Žiška

Production and ideation: Humanmade studio

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Dijamant Poslastičar

How often do you make desserts for yourself and your loved ones? And if you do, do you think of how important is choosing the perfect serving dishes or the right ingredients? Now, try and think of making 22 in just 4 days! Add a few cameras and you get a full blown production set.

At the end of 2019, we were challenged by Žiška & Dijamant to, once again, prove our cooking skills. By trying to keep it all in-house, we remodeled our Studio, making it a kitchen with all the necessary utensils. Each episode and each cooking step was carefully planned and double-checked with our Chefs who worked in the back-end during the entire project. Each piece of pastry, each cake and cookie - photographed by Mina & Filip.

The final outcome was: 22 unique 60s episodes, 22 IG Story teasers, 100+ photographs & a happy crew. Sweet!

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