For each Roma to have a Home

NGO documentary

All photos by Boško Timotijević & Nina Tratnik

Client: Hausing Centar
Director: Nina Tratnik
Cinematographer: Boško Timotijević
Editor: Book Timotijević & Nina Tratnik
Sound Recordists: Nenad Jeremić, Zoran Popović
Sound mix: Nenad Jeremić

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Short documentary film

Roma social (issue) documentary film that follows the lives of Roma families living in an illegal Roma neighborhood in Bogojevo, northern Serbia. The families were settled there by the government in 1956 after some of the biggest floods in history of the country and are now waiting to finally be relocated around different villages in the county. Just as they are about to start their new lives, they talk to us about their everyday struggles, joys, fears and the fight they have been enduring for most of their lives.

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