Red Bull

Digital content & BTS

Variety of photo and video content for client Red Bull

Creative production: Humanmade studio

Cinematographer: Boško Timotijević, Daniel Girizd Stavro

Edit: Nađa Subakov

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Content production is not always about complexity. Quite often it starts with a simple text message saying “Hey, I got this thing going on tomorrow, wanna shoot”? That’s when you start thinking who do you call, do you have your batteries charged, should you reschedule your weekend plans? That’s when you turn all your engines to get things done, to overcome yourself and meet the deadlines.

Some of the sweetest collabs & content pieces were created this way.

That somewhat defines our friendship with Red Bull - we can’t even remember all the times we had things done the guerrila way, but we can definitely say it gave us wings for all future projects.

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Dijamant Poslasticar

Digital video and photo campaign

/ Product

/ KV and digital photography

/ Digital video content