Wok Republic

Digital campaign

During a three month period, we have created a complete year-round content production for a premium Asian street food restaurant based in Tel Aviv and also present in Belgrade.

Creative Producer: Nađa Subakov
Director: Nina Tratnik
Cinematographer: Boško Timotijević
2nd Camera: Saša Nikolić
Editor: Stefan Rokvić
Sound Design: Johhny

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Wok Republic

We like to call this one the kick-off project. What started off as three people gathered around a task - to create a year-round content for an Asian Streetfood restaurant from Belgrade, soon became the founding project of our creative content studio. We realized that not only we shared the same passion for content production, but the same attitude towards creative thinking.

Aware that shooting videos is not only about nice framing and good light, but rather storytelling and building human-like narratives that anybody can associate with, we created three parallel stories that correspond to three main services the restaurant provides - the “eat in”, the takeaway and the delivery. Each of the stories features a Hero, that our TG relates to.

Besides the three main videos, our content output numbered several YT pre-rolls, bumpers and a series of images.

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