We create complete solutions that position you on all digital platforms,
from scratch.

Any format you can imagine.

Digital Media is our primary domain. We didn't go digital,
we started here.

Years of experience working in production and agencies, have thought us to understand every stop of the journey, from the drawing board, to the final product.

Before we even start working on the first draft of your script, we look at the big picture and make sure that the product is alligned with your direction and that it is digital friendly.

The effect: You can feel at ease, knowing that your content will fulfill all the creative and technical requirements, making it engaging for your end users.

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Whether you need a simple YouTube video or a complex branding strategy, including print campaigns, we offer a range of services.

We cover

/   creative concepts

/   campaigns

/   video production

/   photography

/   animation

We focus on the process

We like to keep it old school. Let’s get to know each other and see if we vibe.

Also, expect a debrief - Careful planning is essential for project success and staying in budget. We only accept projects and clients we believe in.

Focused, direct interactions help mitigate risks, and adjust our plans and efforts along the way.

In addition to delivering the project, we provide consulting and follow-up to ensure your idea succeeds.

Our Team

Nađa Subakov

creative producer

What you might call a modern age (digital) warrior, with a soft side as seen on her Instagram. Forever in love with Soundcloud algorithm, flirting with techno and Turkish rock from the 70s, at the same time. Has an OCD for process improvements.

Even though her personality reflects the gentle Venus in Aquarius, please always let her talk to the client first. Her previous agency background makes her a secret double agent. Her hobby is taming her min pin. Be ware, she will keep the crew in line just as she does her dog.

Our Team

Boško Timotijević


A fine example of not-your-everyday cinematographer. He sure is on a mission to deliver that one perfect shot, always in the quest for the good good light, but rarely alone - you will most likely see him accompanied by Ljubica. His dog, best friend & therapist. Yes, she’s therapeutic and that’s a fact.

You can call this guy anytime, day or night, this quirky workaholic is always ready for action.
Just don’t call him in February because he is at some perfect kitesurfing spot, 100% offline.

Our Team

Uroš Timotijević


One needs to have three passions - one that is your profession (for him, that is editing), one that boosts your creativity (drawing and making collages) and a third, that will keep you in physical and mental balance (free climbing).

The length of all ropes that he used during his outdoor adventures is maybe the only thing longer than kilometres and kilometres of the timeline that he went through during his 17-year long professional career. Even though, every new project for him is just a new call for play.

Our Team

Ivan Pantić


That one person that you must have in your team. The one link that keeps everyone together. An experienced photographer who has already done every kind of photoshoot.

If you don't know the man — you surely came across his work. Some call him Pantela, but we call him The King of iStock.

"Yeah it's me, what do you need? Aha... aha... It's already done”.

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