2021 / social media content

Charlie Pommier

what we did

  • video production
  • photo production
  • screenwriting
  • set design

In the era of brands fighting for exposure on social media, being the best can be a real challenge - as much as it is being the first and finest one in the tangile, delicate profession of furniture-making. Charlie Pommier firmly stands out as a world-class local brand, dedicated to smart details and indisputable craftsmanship; that's why our goal in this project was to try to convey their skill into the world of video content.

The artists and carpenters in the Charlie Pommier studio gave themselves a rather interesting challenge: to create the first modular high-class sofa that gives you the opportunity to play with different shapes and forms. That's how The One was born. It can also be swiftly and easily dismantled, after which you can pack its elements into shipping boxes of 1x1m - both well-designed and cost-effective solution.

Following the architecture of Charlie Pommier's idea, we have joined forces in creating a series of short social media videos portraying the spectre of possibilites that this outstanding piece of furniture offers.



concept and script



Boško Timotijević

edit and color

Boško Timotijević

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