2021 / TikTok campaign

Reebok x Cardi B

what we did

  • video production
  • digital photography
  • analog photography
  • creative direction

In late 2021, we stepped back into the fashion ring with a new challenging project - create TikTok / IG influencer content featuring a new line of Reebok footwear, signed by Cardi B.

The iconic Classic model was revived in green, white and red with a glossy finish, paired with extra samples of signature clothing. We followed her moodboard and went dirty in terms of style. In one shooting day, we created 4 videos and a series of digital and analog photos, using various shooting and editing techniques to make it dynamic.

creative producer

Nađa Subakov

director of photography

Boško Timotijević


Uroš Timotijević


Mihailo Stojanović


Ivan Pantić

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