2020 / full digital campaign

Stari Znalci

what we did

  • video production
  • photo production
  • screenwriting
  • set design

Nobody found 2020 easy. But for those older than 65, it was especially difficult. Isolation and risk further worsened the social position of Senior citizens. In response, A1 has launched “The Wise Elders” campaign to empower and change the social image of the elderly.

We wanted to start a conversation about how we see them, so we kicked off with The Ambassadors of the campaign - Seka Sablić, Vlasta Velisavljević and Ljubivoje Ršumović, who set out an open invite for the seniors to sign up and share their story, wisdom and advice.

We further selected 7 interesting seniors and turned their life stories into a series of 14 videos for social networks. Over the course of three months, we achieved more than a million views on YouTube.

More importantly, we provided a platform for seniors where they can tell their story.

creative producer

Nađa Subakov

director of photography

Boško Timotijević


Neda Mojsilović


Uroš Timotijević


Ivan Pantić

other projects