2022 / production video


what we did

  • video production
  • digital photography
  • creative direction

We were called up to do a video with Serbian representation for this year's World Cup with VIVO as a client. You can only imagine our excitement.

Not only did we get to shoot this, but we also got an opportunity to work on it creatively and think of a cool way to present VIVO and our national football team.The whole project was done ihouse, and we are proud of each and everyone.

Besides the video, we created KV portraits of the football players and their menager Dragan Stojković Piksi, one of the rockstars of Serbian football.

creative producer

Sara Zeljković

director of photography

Boško Timotijević

dIRECTOR / editor

Uroš Timotijević


Ivan Pantić

other projects