2021 / video production

Red Bull x Agelast x Ušće

what we did

  • video production
  • location management

From dusk till dawn – we partnered with Red Bull and Ušće Shopping Center to create a magical musical experience at the very top of Ušće building. The crew gathered at around 3am and shortly after positioning the instruments and equipment, we were ready to kick off. The idea was a real challenge – to shoot a live mini-concert at the crack of dawn.

We arranged five cameras and a drone to capture the moment from all angles. And while the city was slowly waking up, the sounds of sonic synths started spreading through Ušće, mixing with the first rays of light, creating a truly iconic moment.

The project carries the name & concept of Agelast Sessions, the most popular podcast in Serbia at the moment, with Galeb Nikačević as the creator.

Take a look at the video on our Vimeo channel.

creative producer

Nađa Subakov


Neda Mojsilović


Saša Nikolić


Daniel Girizd


Ljubiša Joković


Velibor Ćirić


Uroš Timotijević

Assistant editor

Mihailo Stanojević


Buč Kesidi

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